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The Beast is FREE!

Do you like Wordsworth, feathers, and death? Grab a free Kindle copy of The Beast on Valentine’s Day 2017! Too busy smoochin’? This freebie will last from February 14-17, so kiss on!

Note: Book #2 will be out in Fall 2017. (Update: All lies! It’s taking me forever! It’s now 2018.)

Author's Side Notes

The Journey of an Idea

My son had an idea for a skin pack for Minecraft.

“I want to write them a letter!” he exclaimed, and so he did.


In case you can’t decipher his handwriting, it reads:

Dear MinecrAaft x box 1 edition

Can you please please please make an Undertale skin pack.

P.S. make sure to get every character except omega flowy. and the goat kid.

from Donovan

Since we live in the digital age, I took a picture of his letter and sent it via email through Mojang support. I didn’t expect to receive a response so soon the next day. Here is their reply:

Hi Donovan,

This is so adorable. Thank you for the cool idea/suggestion. However, If you’d like to submit a suggestion for Minecraft for PC or Minecraft: Pocket Edition, please visit

To give feedback on Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, visit

For general feedback and suggestions to Minecraft, visit

Other editions of the game are developed by 4J Studios, and generally follow the development of the PC edition of Minecraft.

Best regards,
Mojang Support

Awesome, right?! I mean, I know it’s more informative than anything else, but I like to think that his letter made someone’s day, especially when you know that person’s job usually involves some difficult issues/people.

I’ve now sent his idea through Reddit, so we’ll see if anything further comes from it.